Cobra-Tech by Adevco Company
U.S. Patent No.8,281,818

 Featuring: Cobra-Tech Tools Built for the Professional

The Only Tool That Lets you,Solder,Test, and Gage, While Controlling Pressure in the Line
.Introducing 300 Series DWV Test Kit test drain waste lines with air instead of water and during drought and freezing conditions.
400 Series Manifold air test kit. Isolate lines on any manifold application. Adevco Co. lets the Professional contractor build their own kit! Call us and let us know what configuration you need!

500 Series Pressure recorder The quickest as safest way to test lines over a 24 and 7 week period. This master kit is perfect for the wholesaler! great as a rental when customers prefer not to purchase the entire kit. Designed for use  Were inspections require a recorded 24 hour paper test this is the one for you!

Adevco 600 series Water flood control system coming soon!

ABS Pipe and Fittings in Northern California and Western Nevada.
Sales Representative In Southern California. for:
Adevco Co.: Cast Iron Pipe and Fittings.
Beehive Products LLC: Malleable Brass Nipples, Fittings and, PVC Pipe, and Risers.
Amko Hubbless Couplings Made and Built to Last.
Please call for price quote.

ADV 184 Cobra Tech Master Kit for Professionals Only!
Test, Solder Using the Same Tool!

Cobra Tech Tools Are Available soon
At your Local Plumbing Wholesaler.
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