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Cobra Tech U.S. Patent No.8,281,818

 Featuring: Cobra-Tech Tools Built for the Professional

The Only Tool That Lets you,Solder,Test, and Gage, While Controlling Pressure in the Line
!Series DWV Test Kit! Test DWV with air, instead of water, during drought and freezing conditions.
400 Series Manifold Air Test Kit. Isolate lines on any manifold application. Use the Model shown or build your own!
500 Series Pressure Recorder The quickest as safest way to test lines over a 24 hour and 7 day period.
Total Stop Home Protection Conserve energy and reduce damage to your home or business. See us at

ADV 184 Cobra Tech Master Kit for Professionals Only!
Test, Solder Using the Same Tool!

Cobra Tech Tools Ask for them at your local distributer!
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