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our Pool Test Tool Simply Isolates to top part of the pool drain and allows the contractor air test the lines in the pool system. Isolating were leaks might be in the lines.

​Patent No. 8,281,818

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Patent Pending!

Manifold Air Test Kit

ADV184 as shown $359.00 U.S 

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At Adevco Co., we know your time is the center and backbone of your business, which is why we offer innovative, mission-critical solutions that offer you better availability, improve efficiency, and offer flexible, scalable systems that meet the specific needs of your business. Adevco Co. also provides disaster protection solutions with its Total-Stop Home and business protection products.

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Manifold Air Test Kit

Cobra Tech Patent Soldering Tools Lets you Solder 10X Faster then a conventional plug. Its desighn lets the user solder without waiting for the building to drain just by loosening up the pleade nut all pressure with in the line is by passed insuring the tool!

1 Year Guarntee

As shown 4x1.5" in steel case.

Series 700 Pool Drain Test Tool $119.00 U.S. 

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DWV Air Test Kit as Shown $299.00 U.S.

For more than eleven years, Adevco Co. as supplied its customers with more than a just soldering tools, and repair parts. We are a manufacture, and provider of one of the highest quality American Made product lines. Backed by a solid one year guarantee, including the gasket! One of the safest tools on the market with its patented desigh and built to give years of service.. 

Our mission is to listen to our client's specific needs and deliver high performance products through continuous product innovation and operational excellence.  We carry complete product lines from soldering tools, air and water pressure test kits and as well as our brand new manifold air test kit.

Coba-Tech Indivdual Pressure Relief Tools.

Available in Brass and Stainless Steel. Note Use Stainless Steel Valve for drinking water

        Manifold Air Test Kit

                 $299.00 U.S.

​Why use Adevco Products:

  • Safety- You never know when a small difference will have huge consenquences. Why put you and your business and employees at risk for an accident or injury
  • Warranty Protection- On year Guarntee to replace or repair all of our ptoducts
  • Cobra Tech Tools we protect the gasket for a year as well!
  • Savings- Genuene OEM parts are designed and tested to exact specfications so they work more effectively and can result in real savings over time.

Adevco Co. Is the only company that give a on year repair or replace grantee including the gasket! The only tool made of Stainless Steel Too,l Grade Brass, and with our patent design the ability to guarantee the gasket as well insuring years of service!

We've got your Professional Soldering and Air Test Tools!


1/2" to 1" with quick disconnect for testing as shown!

Adevco Co. Radio Controlled ball Valve if for use when needing to control remote valve for live stock Gardening and any where access is limited or when a simple control can turn valve on or off.

Rated at 10 million cycle's this valve is sure to give years of work. This valve can operate up to 150'. Distance can be adjusted for an addition charge.

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System Bleed and Air Test Kit

$959.00 U.S.

Adevco Co. Radio Controlled Ball Valve 

ADV 101  1/2"      $40.00

ADV102   3/4       $42.00

ADV103   1"          $44.00

ADV104   1.25      $70.00

ADV105   1.5        $76.00

ADV106   2"          $86.00

ADV107   2.5        $230.00

ADV108   3"          $282.90

ADV109   4"          $332.00

ADV110   5"           POA

ADV111   6"           POA

ADV112.  8"           POA 

All Prices net U.S Ea. Wholesalers call for  discounts. Patent no 8,281,818

The ADV 300 Series Air test kit allows you to check for leaks in areas where freezing conditions or a lack of water or ability to dispose of water is limited.

The onlu product on the market with a built in 5# pressure relief valve ensures never overcharges! 

DWV Air Test Kit

Stainless Steel 304 Remote Controlled Ball Valve

ADV10201    1/4"      $148.50

ADV10202    3/8"      $154.50

ADV10203    1/2"      $160.50

ADV10204    3/4"      $166.50

ADV10205      1"        $175.50

ADV 600 Series Gas Test Kit With 7 day Recorder 1/2 to 2" $1099.00 "U.S.

ADV 400 Series Manifold Air test kit. Makes testing each line a breeze with out the need to use a leak detection device. Simply air test each line to determine which line ifs leaking then reroute as necessary to complete your repairs. 

1 1/4 to 4" designed when freezing pipe. The bleeder nut allows the system to drain slowly insuring that the block of Ice is controlled as it melts in the system. Reducing Damage from the ice breaking or damaging pipe and fittings, and as a way to test line pressure.

ADV10101     1/4"     $142.50

AdV10102      3/8"     $145.50

ADV10103     1/2"      $151.50

ADV10104     3/4"      $155/00

ADV10105       1"        $159.00

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Cobra Tech Pool Air Test System

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